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Where are Digitalis' products and services used?

Wednesday, 07/01/2015

Prescriptor is linked in general practitioner systems such as CGM Huisarts, MicroHIS, OmniHis Scipio, Promedico ASP, Promedico VDF, Zorgdossier (Labelsoft/CGM) and Bricks Huisarts. GP surgeries: Callmanager (Labelsoft), Protopics HAP. Psychiatry/mental health and addiction care/geriatric care: Caress (Pink), Epos (Zilos), CRSInternet (TrompBx), Extenzo (Datamedicare/Stichting 1NP).
Defense: Army Medical Corps (GIDS).
Formulary management and Formulary Wizard are used a.o. in FTO Asten, IJN.streek, Medicamus.
Clinical Rules is currently installed at Zuyderland MC Sittard/Heerlen and Ziekenhuis Gelderse Vallei. GP's of TransHis use Clinical Rules through the Research department Radboud MC.