I have Prescriptor in my HIS; how can I apply this?

Every Prescriptor user is able to use the national NHG EPS formulary. Check or ask your HIS supplier how to start up Prescriptor from the EHR. Alternatively, register at for additional support.

I already use the NHG EPS; how can I also implement additional, local PTC agreements?

You may ask Digitalis for a tailor-made offer for the purchase and support of the so-called Formulary Wizard and for the purchase of an additional Prescriptor licence. The general practitioner surgery also needs to register at Your PTC group will then receive a login account for the management of your own files based on local PTC agreements. Using the additional Prescriptor licence, these files can be accessed within the surgery.

How are services such as SOJA, InforMatrix and STEPSelect used?

These services are usually provided with sponsorship by public bodies (such as the NHS in Northern Ireland), health insurers or pharmaceutical companies. Please consult us or the above-mentioned parties for available options.

How are surgery support systems such as Prescriptor and Clinical Rules used?

Prescriptor and Clinical Rules are not individual modules, but are integrated in the Electronic Health or Medication Record (EHR or EMR). Please consult us or your system supplier for available options.

Where are Digitalis' products and services used?

Prescriptor is linked in general practitioner systems such as CGM Huisarts, HetHIS (CGM), MicroHIS (CSC), OmniHIS, Promedico, Zorgdossier (labelsoft/CGM). GP surgeries: Callmanager (labelsoft), Protopics HAP, Adastra. Psychiatry/mental health and addiction care/geriatric care: Caress (Pink), Epos (Zilos), CRSInternet (TrompBx), Extenzo (Datamedicare/Stichting 1NP).
Defense: Army Medical Corps (GIDS).
Formulary management and the Formulary Wizard are used in FTO Asten, Stichting Cohesie, geriactric care (de Wever).
Clinical Rules is currently installed at Orbis MC Sittard, Red Cross hospital in Beverwijk, St. Antonius hospital in Nieuwegein, public pharmacies in the central region of the Netherlands, in collaboration with Stichting StatusScoop.

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I already use the NHG EPS; how can I also use an additional formulary?

On, you can order an extra licence for an additional formulary (currently ETAS and/or Nijmeegs Formularium). After payment, your account will be upgraded and you will receive an e-mail message, stating that the requested formulary is available for you in Prescriptor.

Are any privacy issues involved in the cloud applications used?

All of Digitalis' knowledge-oriented care applications are based on a strict separation between personal data that can be linked with individual patients and the more relevant characteristics such as age, existing disorders, and medication and laboratory data. The source systems consulted by our knowledge systems therefore only exchange relevant, anonymised patient data, in order to arrive at a more specific recommendation. No patient data are stored in the cloud and the available knowledge systems, such as Prescriptor and Clinical Rules never know which patient is involved.

What does ’hosting your knowledge in the cloud' involve?

The ’cloud’ stands for centralised management of data and the software applications controlling the use of these data. This simplifies the sharing and transfer of knowledge within the pharmaceutical care chain. A ‘knowledge manager is able to make online adaptations and offer these in real time within his network.

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